Models reveal diets that keep them in shape

Waiswa adds that the reason models are often in shape is because they not only watch what they eat but also do a lot of fitness exercises

Eating local food and drinking enough water plus plenty of fruits works miracles for some. file photo 



  • Eating trends make it seem like the only way to a fit body is by existing on a diet of leaves and water. It is possible to enjoy your food and still have the body of your dreams as these models reveal.


Looking at Ronald Waiswa’s 6 feet 3 inches and 85kgs tone body, it would be understandable to assume he lives on a diet of two cabbage leaves and endless hours at the gym. His brooding demeanor does not save the situation as we automatically a brooding demeanor to hunger. But Waiswa is quick to dispel the wrong assumption and reveals that he actually eats the same breakfast as everyone. “For breakfast I always eat eggs which have a lot of proteins and some milk tea or black tea. Overall, I always ensure that my breakfast is heavy enough to keep me going for hours,” he says.
For lunch, he loves eating matooke, posho, rice, beans, meat ground nut stew with a healthy helping of green vegetables. And he has irish and offals, or french fries for supper. “I always ensure to take a lot of water during the course of the day, at least after every meal. By the way, I also move with a bottle of water in hand. Then, whenever I want to detoxify (get rid of any harmful body substances), I take lemon juice,” says Waiswa.
The towering model reveals that he has little time to eat during fashion shows so he chooses his meals strategically. “I make it a point to eat something that will boost my energy levels. I usually opt for foodstuffs rich in carbohydrates for instance rice and beans or opt for sauces rich in proteins such as fish,” he adds.

Aliet’s meals
Sarah Aliet is a fast rising model currently signed to a New York agency. She stands at a height of 5 feet 10 inches and weighs 50 kgs. She starts her day with a glass of water which she says is good for keeping her hydrated. She then eats bananas, water melon, coffee with minimal sugar and a boiled egg for breakfast.
She loves “boiled” food so for lunch she eats” boiled” irish potatoes, matooke, and beef which she occasionally supplements with beans. She washes down the meal with a glass of water mixed with lemon juice.
“My supper often consists of vegetables and greens such as spinach. Sometimes, I alternate this with some katogo mostly comprising of mashed bananas with beef soup,” says Aliet. Aliet also takes a lot of water during the course of the day and homemade juice mostly made from passion fruits.
During the busy period, the model eats a heavy meal of matooke, Irish potatoes and beef when she gets a chance to sit down. “I wash down the food with some water. The heavy meal gives me energy to confidently walk down the runway,” she adds.

The misconceptions
Aliet says it is a misconception for some people to think that models starve themselves in order to keep in shape.
“We eat food just like everybody else. What some people may not know is that some models really do eat a lot but never add on weight. But eating food is important for us in order to get the required energy for walking down the runway and getting a desired healthy look for photo shoots,” she says.
Similarly, Waiswa adds that the reason models are often in shape is because they not only watch what they eat but also do a lot of fitness exercises.

Nutritionist tip
Jamiru Mpiima, a nutritionist at Family Nutritionist Uganda advises models and other weight conscious individuals to refrain from poor eating habits that are harmful to their health.
“Ideally models watch what they eat in order to keep in shape. They minimise their carbohydrate intake which have tendencies to cause weight gain. Instead, I recommend that they increase their protein intake especially animal products including milk and eggs. The body will use these proteins for producing energy. Also take a lot of water and juice to keep the body hydrated.”

Quick tips to eat your food and still lose weight

Eat protein
Get protein in every meal and snack you eat. If you do not want to give up your greens, do not. Just remember to top it with good-for-you protein like eggs, fish, chicken, or even red meat but in small portions. Beans, nuts, and legumes are your best bet for packing on protein.

Indulge your cravings
Depriving yourself is one of the worst things you can do when you are trying to lose weight. Being told you can’t have something that you enjoy or want sets you up for failure, as it causes the mind to focus on what you cannot have rather than what you can. Allow yourself small portion-controlled indulgences — and get rid of the mind-set that one splurge has wrecked the whole day,

Eat constantly
If you go more than four hours without eating, your body thinks it is starving and responds by slowing your metabolism and hanging onto any calories it can. Eat something every two to four hours.
Aim to eat when you are slightly hungry and stop when you are slightly full.

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