Tuesday August 22 2017

What is the most effective means of treating ulcers?

Bloating or constipation which results from food indigestion can lead to pain in the stomach.  file phot


By Dr Vincent Karuhanga

For three years, I have tried to cure ulcers using herbal medicines to no avail. What
is the most effective means of treatment ?

Dear Taremwa,
Peptic ulcers are wounds that affect acidic areas of the digestive system that include the stomach, the lower parts of the gullet (oesophagus) and the duodenum. Healing can be promoted by not smoking and avoiding painkillers such as Aspirin and Diclofenac, among many others.
Since about 90 per cent of ulcers are caused by a germ called Helicobacter Pylori, its eradication, using the so called triple therapy for a minimum of two weeks usually provides a cure.
Today, however, there is a lot of eradication failure because of resistance to mainly substandard triple therapy drugs and poor compliance due to drug side effects. Visit a doctor who will check whether the germ is present and if so, offer treatment. Peptic ulcers caused by the germ require proper eradication treatment to avoid them turning cancerous which happens after a couple of decades.
Most of the remaining peptic ulcers are caused by use of painkillers of the type enunciated above whose avoidance and use of drugs to help reduce acidity in the stomach usually helps.
Use of herbs may ease ulcer symptoms and therefore deny one proper treatment.

Small meals. Eat several meals per day to reduce the burden on the digestive system.
Cabbage Juice. It can be diluted with some carrot juice for additional benefits.
Fibre. An increase in fibre intake can repair ulcers. Aim for 30 grams per day.