Tuesday December 12 2017

Why do I pass gas when urinating?

By Dr Vincent Karuhanga

Dr I get embarrassed these days because when I go to pee in a public place I let out such horrible noisy gas. When I am at home, this does not happen. I do not know why? Please save me from this embarrassment.
Tracy B
To pass urine one exerts pressure on the abdominal contents which pressure may lead to passage of gas as well and there is nothing one may do about this normal physiological coincidental happening. It is also true that pressure applied to the abdominal contents to expel stool can also lead to passage of urine or gas at the same time. Because you feel embarrassed when you loudly pass gas in public places that is why you take notice more than when you are at home and the same happens with others not noticing.
The noise of the gas expulsion results from the vibration of the anal sphincter and closed buttocks by the gas and when the buttocks are big and the gas is expelled at higher speeds the noise may be enormous.
Since it may be difficult to trim the size of the buttocks, you can open them up to reduce the noise without interfering with the normal physiological process of passing gas. Holding on to gas can lead to bloating of the tummy.