Stay in harmony with neighbours

It is no longer new to find people from different cultures, backgrounds and races calling the same apartment home. This brings with it the challenge of having to deal with a variety of human behaviour.




Our society is increasingly becoming diverse as people migrate in search of work or to start families. It, therefore, sometimes becomes difficult to live harmoniously as one people; but not impossible to achieve.

Sherina Wamala, a social scientists observes that the key to living harmoniously with others is choosing to accept and respect their ideas, feelings, behaviour, and experiences without trying to impose your own. “We should not expect people from different backgrounds to adapt and behave like us. Their being different does not necessarily make them right or wrong. ”

Talk to your neigbours
Irrespective of status and background, you need to communicate with your neighbour.
Lucky Natukunda a resident of Kakiika, Mbarara Town believes that communication is good for improving neighbourly relations.
She recounts an incident where a wealthy neighbour was attacked and robbed during broad day light and everyone refused to run to his aid.

“The other people just stood by and watched the poor man fight with robbers. They kept murmuring that let his posh cars save him,” Natukunda narrates and adds that while this was not the right thing to do, the incident helped improve the strained relationship between the rich man and his neighbours.

Be clean
People might differ in many ways but there are practices that should be universal such as proper sanitation and hygiene. No one appreciates living with people who are potential health hazards.
Make it a point to leave all shared facilities such as toilets, bathrooms and kitchens as clean as possible after using them to avoid quarrels and fights.
Even when you are not necessarily sharing facilities, do not expose your community to health hazards with poor garbage disposal methods.

Control your children
It is unfair to let your children visit the neighbour without your supervision for long hours. They should only visit when invited and restrict themselves to the living room or play room.

Keep pets under check
Animals and pets can be a source of misunderstandings if they are not handled carefully. Some of these pets can litter everywhere even in your neighbour’s house, some if not vaccinated may be a source of disease.

Introduce yourself
It is no longer new for people to live next to each other without ever exchanging greetings. It is only good manners to introduce yourself when you move into a new place and know the basics about your neighbours.

Start social–economic activities
Neighbours, who save together, develop together. Moses Kabango, a resident of Kashanyarazi, Kakoba division, Mbarara town, says he started a neighbourhood saving group where they pool Shs20,000 per week and give it to an individual. This has helped them make investments and purchase what would have been difficult to do individually.

Be your brother’s keeper
It is true that no one likes a nosy neighbour, but it is perfectly alright to check on someone once in a while. If your neighbour has not left their home for more than a week, it is understandable to knock and find out if they are well.

If you hear noises from your, neighbour, check on them, you could save them from being attacked.

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