Wednesday February 26 2014

A fine place to dine

By Carol Nambowa

Concentration is usually put on the living room and little attention is to the dining area or room leaving it plain with an atmosphere of emptiness.
However, there are several ways one can liven up the eating area for example by painting the walls to using art crafts as well as renovating and moving the furniture around.
Some of the things one could focus on changing or improving include light fixtures, walls, chairs, ceiling, floor, the table, accents like table mats and candle stands, side board and display cabinets.

Eric Galiwango an interior designer at Biplous Furniture show room and Wycliff Kalamuzi an independent interior designer give some ideas for the different elements you can incorporate into the dining area.

For a lively dining area, the starting point is an inviting table. The table top can be changed from wood to glass, marble or plastic although the marble top is extremely costly. Some of the accents used to draw attention to the table are baskets of fruit which can be natural or artificial, flowers, creatively made colourful table mats, table clothes and colourful plates.

Having a side table or shelves or display cabinets is a nice touch to the room. The side table sometimes comes with a wine compartment. The sideboard on the other hand can double as a space for decoration and storage. Shelves can double as display cabinets for vases, frames or crockery and cutlery.

Some of the things you can use to liven the dining room up are, African art painting, fruit paintings or wall hangings, vases (which can be empty or with flowers), colourful curtains, and rugs.
Galiwango advises that the rug under the table should be slightly longer and wider than the table so that it protects the floor beneath the table from dirt. You can also refurnish your chairs with a fresh coat of paint or new cushions for a fresh look.
The other accents can be interesting things like getting a new local broom and placing it on the side cabinets near the table or placing a large mirror in the room and placing mementos in front of it. The mirror can be a functional piece if the dining area is a place where you pass on your way out of the house — you can use it for a last minute check-up of your wardrobe.