Wednesday August 20 2014

A lively living room

By Paul Adude

Getting the right layout and décor items for your sitting room that will impress and describe you can be a tricky situation. Your imagination will wander off to what the right furniture would be and how to compliment your choice of colour to the price of the furniture you are intending to put in the living room.
George Angulu, an interior designer with Life Mate Furniture Ltd, offers tips on what to consider when choosing décor for your living room.

He says you have to choose the right colour that will compliment the room’s colour theme and the furniture.
“If you cannot paint the walls to match your theme colour, think about the curtains and match them with the furniture.
A guest’s eyes will catch the curtains first and by the time they notice the wall, they are already impressed with your set up. So curtain colours have to be on point.
White walls offer an advantage since they compliment all colours, unlike walls painted with orange, green and gold, among other colours, which make it a bit tricky to match the furniture.

Size of the sitting room
The size of your sitting room is something to be looked at. Large rooms offer more space for furniture.
So shop for a seven-seater lounge couch or decide on a bigger set up with a three-seats chair, or a two-seater chair with either one or two seater chairs.
Place a coffee table and two stool besides the seats. “You can never go wrong with a classic touch of wood and if you own leather seats, it’s advisable to have a hard glass table to compliment the look.
Smaller space will require lesser furniture like a five-seater sofa set and a smaller coffee table to avoid giving your living room a cluttered look.”

Angulu says, “You need to accessorise your coffee table with flowers, a vase or piece of art craft but while at it, avoid crowding the table. Maintain simplicity and elegance. A crowded table will look disorganised.”

An area rug
In case you have a tiled floor, Angulu says it doesn’t mean you cannot have a carpet. He explains, “Having an area rug under the coffee table will give your living room a more flourished look.”
He adds, “An area rug adds an element of coziness and comfort to your living room. But the rug colour should match that of the furniture and the lower shade of your walls, that’s in case it has two different colours. For example, if you have an orange and black wall with black at the base, you have to get a black carpet.”

Add light to your room with lamps. Angulu says, “You can place these on two tables beside the seats and to make the room lively, you can also place a few mirrors on the wall, facing a source of light like the window and door, this will bring in more light and also make the room look bigger.”