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A message for the next year as you celebrate Christmas

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Posted  Wednesday, December 25   2013 at  02:00

In Summary

It is that time of the year when we reflect on how the year has been and what we hope to achieve in the one to come. If you are a home owner or plan to be one, are renting or searching for land, there are a few tips you may want to have before you do so. Five people in the industry share their tips basing on how the year has been.


Mark Bwambale : Architect
For someone who is planning to build a house, be clear about how long you intend or plan to live in the house since this will affect many decisions regarding the project. Have a realistic budget and differentiate between priorities and preferences.
Use a competent builder to construct the house, seek professional advice at all stages of the project and do not think the builder is a designer.

Fredrick S. Kakonye :Real estate agent
Before you buy land next year, identify the owner of the land in question by acquiring a photocopy of the land title, go to lands office to confirm details.
Secondly, do a personal inquiry from people around the land whether there are any wrangles over the land and who owns it. Find the reason why the owner is selling and when fully convinced, seek surveyors, lawyers and other parties for final touches.

Monica Tino :Interior designer
This year has not been bad because people are learning more about interior designing and making their homes look good. Most times, clients come thinking they know what they want but with a little advice and guidance from the interior designer, they realise they want something else.
Everyone should know that your house defines you and it is beyond money. It is about the beauty of your house. For example, people usually have one set of curtains, which they use for more than 10 years. Some of these are even unwashed. You can have up to 10 pairs of curtains because your house is your pride. Merry Christmas and

Mohammed Semawempe : Home owner
I was living in a two-room house before. This year, I moved to my new four bedroom house in Kyabaddaza and we have spent six months in it so far. Apart from keeping our homes clean to avoid our families catching diseases, I advise homeowners to fumigate their homes twice a year to avoid being victim of organisms like lice and jiggers.
To give it a new look, you can repaint the house because when it looks good, you are proud too. This year I plastered and painted the house with dark green sadolin paint.

Hajji Abdul Katende :Land and property broker
As we go into the New Year, keep in mind that there are people passing themselves off as brokers swindling people’s money. This usually happens in the rental sector where the brokers go as far as taking their unsuspecting client to expensive hotels to sign an agreement after showing him/her a Shs1m house for Shs500,000.
Once the agreement is signed and the money is paid, they disappear.