Wednesday July 2 2014

A three-bedroomed house with a garage

By Julius Eryenyu Jojo

Constructing a three bedroomed house might seem like an expensive project to embark on. However, if the costs of every stage are broken down, it makes the whole process easier to do.

When you think of building a house, a general plan from the architect might scare you away. However, with broken down estimates of how much you will need for every stage, it makes the whole construction process seem cheap as indicated in this plan for a three-bedroomed house with a garage.
It consists of a sitting room, dining room, three bedrooms with wardrobes, a kitchen, porch and garage on a gross area of approximately 168 square metres. Here are the material estimates.

You will need approximately 33,600 bricks. The cost of each ranging from Shs100 to Shs250 therefore, the average cost of the bricks on this house is about Shs6m.

Roofing Sheets
Approximately 85 roofing sheets are required to roof such a house, the price of each roofing sheet ranges from Shs25,000 to about Shs90,000 depending on the type and brand.
Therefore, the average cost of the roofing sheets on this house is about Shs5m.

Floor tiles
Approximately 1,600 floor tiles will be required to finish the floors of all the rooms.
Tiles cost between Shs20,000 and Shs100,000 per square metre.
Therefore, the average cost of the floor tiles on this house is about Shs5m.

This house has four metallic/security doors, six wooden doors and two flush doors.
The doors with their accessories on this house is approximately Shs6m.

12 steel casement windows, which will cost about Shs5m.
The specifications given below are only intended to give a general understanding and should not be taken as final.