Wednesday June 4 2014

A three-bedroomed house on a 50ft by 100ft plot of land

By Julius Eryenyu Jojo

The plan illustrated below is for a three-bedroomed which is suitable for 50ft x 100ft plots.
This design concept generously allows balanced use of space, meaning that the main house fits and allows more space that can be used for other purposes like a kitchen yard, a vegetable garden, parking space for at least two cars, and some compound space in front of the house.
The specifications given below are only intended to give a general understanding of a three-bedroomed house and should not be taken as final. It consists of the following

A sitting room
The sitting room is sunken two steps below the dining floor level. This gives the sitting room higher headroom, suitable for nice decorative lights like chandeliers.
The sitting room has been planned with a recess which can be used to house entertainment equipment like the TV, decoders and wi-fi systems among others.

Dining Room
This is large enough to accommodate a table of up to six seats.
That is spacious enough to accommodate most of the common kitchen appliances.

This gives the kitchen more storage space.

This house has three bedrooms, of which one is self-contained with a bath tub, toilet and wash hand basin. The master bedroom is large enough for a king size bed and a three metre long wardrobe
The other two bedrooms, though smaller than the master, are also spacious enough to accommodate two twin beds each and they both share a shower and toilet.
This is wide enough to provide outside sitting. The compound of this house is approximately 128 square meters.

Materials Estimates
The walls of this kind of house will use approximately 25,600 bricks, each brick cost ranging from Shs150 to Shs350. The roof would require averagely 65 roofing sheets. Approximately 1,200 floor tiles will be required to finish up the floors of all the rooms, Tiles cost from Shs20,000 to more than Shs100,000 per square metre. This house has three metallic/security doors, five timber doors and two flush doors and 14 windows of various sizes.