Wednesday March 5 2014

ASK THE EXPERT: Decor to make my baby bright

By Pauline Bangirana

Qn. Hello, I have a seven-month-old boy and I bought him a baby walker. But I want to do more to make him brighter and sharper yet I am still renting a two-room house. I need advice on how I can do this with the small space I have.

Rich Emma

Ans. You can employ a number of tactics to boost the thinking capacity/ sharpness of their children. However, this depends on what kind of things the child wants. Here a few things to try out.

Colour effect
One can use colour preferably bright colours in the house as a way of uplifting the child’s thinking. This can be through charts or even painting the walls.

3D cartoons
You can also use 3D cartoons. Try sticking them on the walls. These can be purchased at Aristoc.

Educative toys
To increase the thinking ability of a child, you can buy educative toys like the laptops designed for children or talking toys. These can be very helpful.

DVDs for children
Play DVDs for children, those with nursery rhymes, lullabies and even counting DVDs. These boost the child’s brain and make them eager to learn the songs and numbers being recited. There are also educative video games that can be of help.

Use an abacus
Drawing the abacus with your child can be engaging enough to make them think fast.

Playing tyres
Tyres can also be of a great help especially if you have a compound.

Ann Mirembe, an interior designer

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