Wednesday January 22 2014

Add flair to the bathroom

Bathroom rugs.

Bathroom rugs. 


So you get yourself this a lovely apartment, and cannot wait to make it look sleek and comfortable, to your taste. However, being that its rented property, you may be forced to think that there is not much you can do, to change the look of some rooms of the apartment, without totally altering its original look.
Take the bathroom for instance. Many bathrooms are usually plain, with just a mirror, the sink and the shower area.
Normally this would be boring, but if you are the kind that loves beautiful, and well accessorised spaces, you will find the need to change a few things here, and there about your bathroom, so that you look forward to using it when you get up in the morning.
With a few interior design tricks, it is possible to turn your bathroom a beautiful space without breaking or altering its original look. All you will need to do is focus on a few areas in the bathroom.

The entrance
Brighten up the entrance of your bathroom by using an assortment of accessories, from rubber mats, as this will not get easy soaked, and also avoid slippery falls that can be very dangerous. You can choose one in a vibrant hue, like red, purple, or blue.
Alternatively, you can make use of a door curtain. However, add some fun to this, by opting for something like the beaded ones, that will add some flair to your entrance.

The toilet area
You can turn your toilet area around by accessorising the area with a some rugs. Place one around the toilet and another the toilet cover.
It would be nice to have these in the same shades or if you can, buy them as a set, so that all the rugs are matched. Even better, you can create a theme for your rugs, by investing in themed rugs of your favourite animations or characters.

The walls
If the wall is not tiled then add some flair to it by adding some sticking hooks in vibrant colours.
These can serve many purposes like hanging on towels, clothing and many other things. You can place these at different positions around your wall. This can also work for walls with tiles.
You can also hang bright art on the walls. It doesn’t all have to be in the living room and bedroom.

The mirror area
Just because it is a mirror, it does not mean it has to be boring. So it would be wise for you to invest in some dolled up stickers to beautify the mirror area.
You can also have some animated wall stickers, and there is a wide rage to choose from here. From the super heroes, to movie characters, you have a wide range to choose from. And if the dolled up or animated look is not your style, choose more toned down stickers, which could be the same colour as the walls.

The window
While most of our bathroom window areas are usually relegated to storing cleaning agents like bleach, air freshener, and an assortment of other laundry or toilet liquids, you can do more with this space.
A plant can provide a breath of fresh air to any room. So you can decide to plant an indoor plant or flower in an old vase, and place this at your window. It will not only add an air of freshness, but also help brighten up your bathroom.

The sink area
The sink is a very functional place of the bathroom, you can accessorise it with the things you need while using it. Think toothbrush, toothpaste, hand wash, ear buds and what not.
If the apartment you are renting comes with space on which to place these, invest in some vanity accessories like a nice toothbrush holder, a hand wash container, a cotton ball holder, soap dish and the like and line them up on the space at the sink.
For the space under the sink, place a cute dust bin, that is both functional and decorative or a rug that matches the ones around the toilet area.

The other spaces
If the bathroom does not have space for you to store your toiletries, you can put them in a nice-looking basket and place them in whatever space is convenient for you.
You can use the basket that once held flowers or even a box that looks good to store them in.

If you buy: Bathroom accessories
Depending on what accessories you have chosen to lighten up your bathroom, these are available, at different shopping points around town. Stickers are available in various supermarkets and bookshops. At Angelina Bookshop, prices for wall stickers range from Shs1,000 to Shs8,000, depending on the size of the stickers. The wall hooks are sold in packs that usually range from Shs5,000 up to Shs10,000 in most supermarkets.

Flower vases at Mega Standard Supermarket also vary from Shs8,000, upwards, depending on the make and size of the vase, you buy. Prices of rugs and mats differ depending on the make, as there are wollen and plastic mats. Plastic mats usually cost between Shs6,000 and Shs10,000 downtown. The rags, that most times are sold in sets go for Shs35,000,onwards.