Wednesday July 23 2014

Basic steps in garden design


Are you building your home or just moved into a house and thinking of starting a garden, but are clueless on how to go about it?
Here are some options for you as explained by Hakim Babara, a compound designer, gardening consultant and member of Mukwano Tree Planting Association, a collection of nurseries along Mukwano Road.

1. Consider your plants
First, you have to consider the plants you would like in relation to the appearance of your garden, its size and location.
You then survey the gardens around and aim at making it unique. Yours can differ from others in terms of size and appearance, but what will make it stand out are the unique plants in terms of colour.

2. Draw a plan
The next step is to plan. Draw a map and plot out where every plant is supposed to go, according to your taste. But if you have a landscaper to help you out, don’t hesitate to tell them what you desire.

3. Dig up the garden
Dig up the land and if there are rocks, arrange them and pour good soil there. If there is murram, you still have to remove it, pour good soil and level it with a rake.

4. Purchase your plants
Visit different nurseries, select and buy the plants you have in plan. In your garden, arrange the plants on the ground according to your plan. Plant your garden and make sure you nurture it to health.

Thinking out your design options and discussing them, say, with a landscaper beforehand, will ensure you have the enviable garden you have always dreamt of.