Wednesday May 28 2014

Build a spacious two bedroomed house

The architectural plan shown is an example of  a two-bedroomed

The architectural plan shown is an example of a two-bedroomed house with a self-contained master bedroom and a spacious kitchen suitable for a semi detached housing unit as illustrated in the artistic impression below. photos by Julius Eryenyu Jojo 

By Julius Eryenyu Jojo

Some people prefer constructing a simple two-bedroomed house probably with no garage, with a shared bathroom and a kitchen. This is because such a house is not costly to build and probably it is temporary as they save for a bigger and comfortable house.

Others might build such a house for rental reasons. This is usually to maximise space usage by having as many housing units on a small piece of land.

However, no matter the reason for a two-bedroomed house, you can have it built with large rooms and spacious, with a self-contained master bedroom and a relatively spacious kitchen. A house built in this way can be a private residential house or adjoined to create multiple housing units.

It consists of the following
An open plan sitting and dining room, a spacious kitchen with a back door that leads to the kitchen yard, a pantry in the kitchen that provides storage for food, cookery and cutlery and a spacious self-contained master bedroom.

The master bedroom also has a walk through wardrobe area, space for dressing table, bedroom TV and king size bed with bedside stools.

It also has a second bedroom with a built-in wardrobe, and can accommodate a single queen size bed placed against the wall or two twin beds as shown in the plan.
It also has a verandah in front of the house for outside sitting and relaxing, and a back door porch.
The whole house covers a gross area of approximately 100 square metres.

Rough estimate for material
The walls will need approximately 21,000 bricks, the roofing will require about 50 sheets.

You will need two external metallic doors and four timber panelled doors plus three flush doors.

You will also need five main windows and about four or five small ones and you will need approximately 950 floor tiles.