Wednesday June 18 2014

Build low cost studio apartments

By Julius Eryenyu Jojo

You might have a small plot of land somewhere but because you are a low income earner, you do not know what to do with it. Low cost studio apartments are one of the option you have.

A studio apartment is a single room house or a multipurpose room that one has to cook, eat, sleep and study in, which means you practically, live and do almost everything in that same room.

Quite obviously, living in a studio apartment doesn’t suit a family.
Therefore, they are advantageous mainly for students, singles, hotel rooms for short stay, and in some rare instances, couples without children.

In this week’s issue, we are looking at a single room that is not self-contained, since it is cheaper and affordable to construct.
The plan shown here consists of the following: Sitting area for two seats with a small table. A bed area enough for a queen size bed with two bedside tables, two shelves of which one can be used as a wardrobe and the other for general storage, a small workstation (table, chair and computer), A TV cabinet for the TV, decoder and DVD player plus a music system.

The cabinet can also be used for storage or display of DVDs/CDs, Books and magazines, flowers, award, and ornaments among others.

Construction Estimates
Gross Area of one room is approximately 24 square meters. The estimates given here are based on this area and are in Ugandan Shillings.
The actual cost might be slightly lower or overshoot by a small margin.

The cost of constructing a foundation for one studio is approximately Shs2m, and about Shs4m for two units.
This includes the cost of the floor slab the cement, sand, hardcore, bricks and labour.

Superstructure (walls)
Building the walls of one studio will cost approximately Shs1.5m, and about Shs2.8m for two units.
This includes the cost of the ring beam, cement, sand and the bricks required to build the walls.

Each unit has one door and two windows, which altogether cost about Shs1m.

The cost for finishing one studio is approximately Shs2m this includes Plastering and painting the walls and tiling the Floor.

Plastered ceiling of one unit will cost about Shs600,000, this includes the cost of the timber work, cement and sand.

If you are to use versatile iron sheets and all the timber required for roofing one unit is about Shs2m.

estimated cost
Estimated cost of setting up a non-self contained studio apartment