Wednesday February 17 2016

Create a multipurpose garden

Planting a flower garden will not only make

Planting a flower garden will not only make your home look beautiful but also will attract beautiful creatures including butterflies.  

By Juliet Kigongo

Nothing lights up a room like a vase filled with fresh flowers. Although some people opt for artificial flowers, natural ones are special as they create harmony in the décor. The richness of their colours and the sweet scent is scattered all over the house. This combination is soothing to the eye and senses as long as they remain fresh in the vase.
Annette Nakimera, an interior designer with God Cares, explains that fresh flowers are the best way to add the beauty of nature to any room.
“Floral blooms break the monotony of all manufactured household things in a living room.

Their softness and flow of line of growth implants a psychological feeling of ease, cheerfulness and peaceful in the spirit if one is lonely,” she explains adding that.
The natural flowers are useful though perishable. One can manipulate them for arrangement at will.
On the other hand, artificial flowers are stiff to handle. Nakimera says they cannot be re-arranged easily.
Arrangement of locally grown flowers for the interior decoration enhances skills development in flower arranging.

Apart from the interior, Nakimera says planting floral thymes, shrubs and trees in the compound will make your homes attractive and will urge you to say more outdoors when at home than indoors.
Because of the nature of the hub, Nakimera asserts that flowers attract other creatures such as butterflies, beetles, bees, birds on the compound. Such creatures add beauty to your homestead and are entertaining.

For some with a scientific eye, this provides a living laboratory to observe and study the behavior of such creatures. You also create your own mini tourist center as well.
Often times, some yards of homes are bare, however, Nakimera advices that to avoid destruction, plant herbs, shrubs and trees that produce flowers. They serve a multipurpose service to your home.
Rachel Mukisa, a florist explains that flowers can also boost ones income as some flower petals can be used for handcraft making.

This can be done by pounding and squeezing the pigments of flower petals, plant leaves and fruits for dyeing raw materials for making mats, ropes and bicycle wheel rings made from sisal fibre.
“Planting, weed and maintaining flowers provides physical exercise for the body. Flowering plants such as French marigold and frangipani among others have a very nice scent. Such flowers can be raw materials for processing perfumes locally at home,” Mukisa asserts.
She says dahlias when allowed to mature, can provide seeds for sale.

“When you plant dahlias of different flower petal colors, they produce flowers of different characterises such as mixed petal colors, plant structure and duration of maturity for a new offspring,” Mukisa asserts.
Mukisa says some flowers such as cloves, African marigold species and pyrethrum are repellant to harmful insects like mosquitoes and cockroaches. For this reason, one can make organic insecticides locally at no monetary cost.