Wednesday March 9 2016

Enjoy your bath

All you need  to have a comfortable bathroom

All you need to have a comfortable bathroom are the right colours, proper placement of bathroom utilities, space and a few eye-catching items such as colourful rugs and plants. NET Photo 

By Shabibah Nakirigya

For a number of homes, the bathroom is one of the smallest room in the house and if you are the kind of person who does not like being in small spaces, you might find such a bathroom very uncomfortable. However, there are a number of things you can do to make that small bath room comfortable and more inviting.

Colour choice
In case you are in the process of painting your house, Ivan Kimanye, an interior designer, says you should use bright colours for the bath. He explains, “Using colours such as white will be a good option because this will not only make the bath feel cool, it will also make it look bigger; an effect which is brought about by white.”

Add a mirror
Just like the colour white, the reflection of one side of the wall on the mirror will make the bathroom look bigger than it actually is.

Colourful rug
You should come up with all possible ideas to make your bathroom inviting and one of these ideas is by introducing a colourful area rug. Since it’s in the bathroom. Kimanye says you should opt for natural colours such as bright green and sky blue.
“This rug will not only make your bathroom look nice, it will also be one of the things to look forward to seeing when in your bath,” he explains.

Add a plant
“Just like most natural things, plants have a calming effect and if you have a small bathroom, the plant will not make it look and bigger but if will make you feel calm whenever you go into the bath. The plant will also make the room feel cool and if it’s scented, it will give the bathroom a good smell.

Avoid a block wall
The common way of building bathrooms locally is by having a block wall. However, “for the sake of making the bath look bigger, you can choose to place one way glass (glass that allows the person in the bathroom to see the one outside and not the other way round) on one part of the wall. In case the bathroom is in the master bedroom, you can opt to leave some part of the wall open,” the interior designer advises.

Less is better
Since it’s space that you want to have, installing a bathtub or shower closet will rob you of this. So Kimanye says the best option is to have a shower head. He explains, “This is just fixed on the wall and leaves you with a lot of space in the middle.”
Put the corners to use
Still for more space in the middle of the bathroom, place utilities such as the toilet and sink in the corners and leave the middle part of the bathroom free.
Therefore, whether you are building or moving into a house with a small bathroom, you can still make it more comfortable and appealing.