Wednesday February 19 2014

Fresh ideas for old bottles

By Monitor reporter

Have you accumulated empty glass bottles —soda, wine, beer bottles— in your home and are at a loss of what to do with them? We spoke to Miriam Nassuna of Home Bits, an interior shop and she gave some tips on how you can put those glass bottles to use.

Use them as flower vases
This is a very simple. Just put water in the bottle and place the flowers in it. To make the flowers stay fresh for long add Panadol or any clear soda to the water. You can accessorise the bottles before putting the flowers in.

Accessorise them
This works well with dark bottles for example the red wine and beer bottles. You wrap colourful strings around them and place them in different corners of the house as a decoration. This trick can help you cover up the brand name on the bottle in case you like the shape of the bottle but don’t want the name showing. Or you can paint them. With one of my clients, I had the children write a message for their parents on wine bottles and we used them as decor pieces for the house. They were both functional and personal. Just remember to wash the bottles properly. And you don’t have to use paint, nail polish works just as well.

Store mementos in them
This idea came from the age-old practice of people putting letters in bottles. I saw in some books that some of these senders would put pictures or buttons in the bottle along with the letter and they look cute. You can do the same by putting pictures, especially in wide bottles, and adding shells or stones from your favourite place. Place these on a side board or shelf.

Turn them into planters
For those who love gardening and are always looking for unique ways to spruce up their garden, glass bottles can be an interesting way of doing it. You can cut the bottles horizontally or vertically. For hanging plants, it is better to cut the bottle vertically, by removing a small bit of the bottom so that the plant grows through the bottle. Or you can cut the bottle in two and place the upper part in the bottom for simple house plants.

light THEM UP
You can use bottles as candle holders or as candle shades. As a holder, choose a bottle in which the candle fits snugly so that it does not fall into it. As a shade, cut the bottom of the bottle and them place it over a candle holder. That way, the flame is protected and you have interesting lighting if the bottle is coloured.