Wednesday May 21 2014

Get versatile with vases



Ronald Ntambi and his wife Barbara love flowers, not only in their compound but inside the house. While they cannot have a flower garden in their sitting room, vases allow them to have flowers inside their house and closer to where they spend much of their time either reading or watching television.

Ntambi says they buy their vases from different places particularly where they find interesting concepts.
“We buy our vases from interior design shops and potters’ workshops. When buying, we mainly buy a vase that relates with the space where it will be placed,” he explains.

Types of vases
Artist Arthur Conrad Kisitu under his project The Portrait Home, has had keen interest in creating vases from empty liquor bottles as substitutes for modern lighting vessels.
Some of the vases he makes include floral vases, light vases and antique vases. He explains that vases can be used in living rooms, reception areas and at different events.

How to use them
Kisitu adds, “Light vases are used in bedrooms, hotels and recreational areas whereas antique vases are used in classy homes and prestigious apartments, for image and class.”

Where to place them
Vases, Kisitu adds, can be placed anywhere; on window panes, dining tables, lounge tables and kitchen windows.
Godfrey Ssegujja, an interior designer in Buziga also says that you can place them on side stool and centre tables.
“They can also stand alone anywhere in the house depending on the space available. Pots with plants do well on the balconies and also around the compound.”

Kisitu says. certain vases are placed in particular places to reflect outside light, while indoors, they are placed for visual appeal as well as for image and prestige symbolism.