Wednesday July 23 2014

House remodelling considerations

It is always important that you seek expert advice before you start remodelling a house to avoid mistakes.

There are times when a home owner deems it necessary to make alterations to their houses,
This makes them carry out their activities in and around the house with a redefined dimension of living the occupation of the house a whole new and exciting experience. Some of the circumstances that will call for a house remodelling include some of the following;
Major renovations
Houses and buildings in general reach a time when they require major renovations, and when this time is due, most home owners take the advantage to make alterations to the rooms creating or refining spaces as desired.

Entering a new house
People who opt to buy houses will find it nearly inevitable (though not always the case) to make some modifications to the existing house to better suit their life style.

For people who want to put their houses up for sale, you might be forced to make modifications, in order to increase the sale price.

Family size
When you eventually decide to bring in your elderly parent, relatives or other people to stay with you; when the children grow up or leave the house, and other family size factors, will call for a house remodel.
In order to have a successful and cost effective house remodel it’s important to take note of the following.

Look at your initial plan
Study the existing plan of the house, and check if every space has been accounted for. This will help you understand the modifications very well on paper as well as giving you a platform to make meaningful decisions and contributions.

Have a layout plan
Due to architectural/technical reasons, it is very important to have a layout plan for the proposed changes on paper.
This will help other technical people like the quantity surveyor, structural engineer, the contractor to be fully aware of your requirements.
It will also prevent you from tempering with the structural elements of the house that might cause un expected collapse of the building.

Get expert advice
Ensure that you and your architect walk through each and every room of the house.
With the technical knowledge that architects bring on board, they will be able to advice on the best options of carrying out the modifications without causing structural failure or chocking some spaces.

Plan ahead
Make sure you get to know what the entire process will cost you, so that you can plan accordingly basing on your cash flow, the feeling of house remodeling can get most home owners overly excited and they end up making changes that will chock them financially.

Know the time frame
Get to know the time frames. Some modifications require the occupants to move to another place to give way for the construction works others require moving furniture from one room to another. In such instances, it is better you know how long this process will take so that you prepare yourself accordingly. You also need to understand the Legal requirements and obtain the necessary permits from local authorities.