Wednesday July 9 2014

Ideas to inspire great gardens

Having furniture in your garden, especially if

Having furniture in your garden, especially if it is surrounded by flowers, makes the place look nice. Photo by Constance Obonyo 


Everyone has their own garden style. They may not know what to call it, but it’s there. Below are ideas from different people that may spur you into action, to create your own haven at home.

Garden furniture
“I have already talked about my impending garden furniture project. After you have created the garden you like, you want to sit and enjoy it. Part of that enjoyment comes with the type of furniture you use.

It can be metal or wood of any colour. But make sure it blends with the surroundings like the flowers, the lawn or even the path. A garden bench surrounded by flowers would look nice,” says Charles Akanga, Information Technologist and resident of Najjanankumbi.

“I have not seen many gardens without trees. We Africans love trees that we can sit under, to escape the heat. But if you have ever come across a garden without trees, you will agree with me that it looks bare and unbalanced.

Trees form a sort of frame to your garden. If space is your problem, then plant one in a large container. They can do your garden a world of good. But you need to look for trees with colourful flowers; and don’t forget the fruit trees,’ Dr. Elipheleth Kambale of MSF (Medicin Sans Frontiers), Great Lakes Region advises.

Re-designing the shed
Justine Nabwami, a compound designer with Jowy Creations talks about how she helped the Arinaitwes re-design their shed:
Initially, the porch had the usual big flower pots and the plants were old, though they still looked good. I advised her to remove them. They had congested the shed.
I brought the idea of a stand with smaller pots; and with different types of plants. The client liked it.

I placed small flower pots on different levels of the stand. It is more beautiful than having a number of big flower pots over crowding the shed.” With these ideas, hopefully your creative gardening juices are already flowing. Do try them out.