Tuesday March 18 2014

Importance of understanding your house plan

By Julius Eryenyu Jojo

To a layman, an architectural plan seems to be a tangled web of lines, small boxes, symbols, numbers, shapes, and letters. However complex it might be, you need to understand some details about it.

Architectural plans contain a lot of information, and if you took off time to understand the detail in the plan, it would help you appreciate how your proposed home will look like.

Questions about what the bedroom size is, the ceiling height, window sizes, what all the little boxes and lines mean, may be answered by understanding how to navigate a set of architectural plans.

Understanding your house plan will also give you an opportunity to discuss the alternatives of most aspects of the house. You will also be equipped with more information that enables you to be more specific on some aspects of the house.

For example, instead of saying “I need a large master bedroom”, you would be specific by simply saying, “I need a master bedroom of four metres by five metres.”

Below are some of the elements on a house plan that are easy to understand and knowing them will enable you give informed orders towards the construction of your house.

It will also give you an opportunity to discuss the available cost effective options.

Room sizes
Every room has dimensions showing exactly how large or small it is, Knowing the room sizes will help you to figure out what is affordable.

Furniture arrangement
Furniture symbols are shown on plans to indicate how given furniture will fit in a given space.

Position and sizes of openings
The positions and sizes of the openings, show the effect they have on the internal circulation, and the interior natural lighting.

Position of the house
It will help you understand where the house will sit on your piece of land and where the main entrance, parking, driveways and septic tank among others, will be placed.

For those who like stepped floors, knowing the levels will make you understand the nature of the floors.

Notes and annotations
Paying attention to the descriptions and notes put on the plan will enable you to understand the simple details of your house.
However, there are some details put on plans that are more technical and irrelevant for a layman, therefore trying to understand them will not be of any help.