Wednesday February 12 2014

Keep snakes away from your home

Qn. Our house is in a very bushy place and although we have a compound around it, there is a space in the perimeter wall for a trench outlet. When you add this to all the plants in our compound, you will understand why I am scared that snakes can easily get into the compound and into the house. For now, we keep the plants trim and weeded but is there a special type of plant or flower we can plant to repel snakes? I have heard that such plants exist. If they do, what types should we plant and how?


Ans. We usually advise our clients to set up a garden of plants that have flowers with strong scents. But this is not a 100 per cent guarantee that snakes will keep away from your premises or compound.

Snakes sometimes can pass through certain corners away from the flower gardens. However, it has been proven that these plants are most likely to chase away the snakes. You can plant tuber roses propagated by the bulb, irises and also tobacco because it also has a strong a scent. You may plant them around your house but plant a variety of these plants around the bushy area.
Paddy Namanya, Florist

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