Thursday November 30 2017

Make you doorway more attractive

If most of the door is made out of glass, you

If most of the door is made out of glass, you can make the doorway steel or tiles to blend with the modern finishing.  

By Shabibah Nakirigya

Doorways are supposed to be an eye catching spot but yet some people often ignore this aspect of the house. Erais Nkoyo, a compound innovator, explains how you can make your door way more attractive.

Choose wood furniture

Wood has a warm, natural look and come in a variety of types to match with your furnishings. Wooden doors have a quality you cannot find in fiberglass doors.
“You have to balance the arrangements of your wooden front door in a modern way because wooden doors are available in many designs, from traditional to fashionables, and they are not heavy such as steel doors,” Patrick Nkyoyo, a carpenter says.
He adds that wood doors are naturally warm and they are used in a covered area such as a house with a porch that will protect it from external elements such as the sunshine or rain which usually damage it in a short period of time.

Steel furniture
Steel doors are available in any style and in all sizes and designs. They do not change like wooden doors. Steel doors work well in modern homes where simple design and modern furnishings are used.
“A nicely designed steel front door tells visitors that the inside of your home is neat and comfortable. Steel can match with the brown walls and glass showcases with simple artwork outside the house,” Nkoyoyo says.

Use tiles
He adds that you can make your small entry attractive with tiles on calm and stainless neat walls which transforms your ordinary door way into a special arrival point.
“Tiles are easy to maintain especially during rainy seasons because water affects the wooden furniture as well as steel to rust .Tiles have different designs; you may choose plain or decorated ones depending on your preferance,” he adds

Exceptional ceiling
You can choose modern or traditional designs as long as it is a unique ceiling, with little maintenance. A high-quality metal door can stay beautiful with a lifetime ceiling and this creates a lot of impact on your entrance.
“You can also add on a small attractive lamp to bring out the beauty especially at night and for the security purposes,”Mr Nkoyoyo says.

Using multi -coloured finishing or furniture
Colours can add liveliness to your entrance especially colour-clashing which is trendy. A vibrant maroon door paired with cream trim or walls offers a friendly, high-contrast visual.

Make a small garden
A front entry is a great place for a small garden. You can put herbs, vegetables and flowers most especially with bright colours and wonderful scents. You can use a wooden box, used tyres or plastic tins. A brightly painted material makes the entrance warm and welcoming to visitors.

Privacy wall
If your entry needs a little privacy, try to fix a room divider, you can hang art or a backdrop for a display of colorful flowers. Its not confortable to have an exposed home especially when you are living in a busy area

Put attractive lights
Nkoyoyo adds that framing a front door with a pair of lights and tall potted plants, brings life and helps to define the look of a house. With planning and a bit of scheming, you can put your home’s best face forward. You can place two lights at each side of the door.
Exterior entry lighting makes the most of what you feel about your home especially at night. It also complements your home security, and helps guests navigate their way to the front landing.

Wide veranda
Currently, wide verandars are trendy and bring life to doorways. You can plant climbing flowers or even a swing besides the veranda. Wide verandahs are easy to decorate especially when you have a simple party or gathering .

Using letter design
Diana Kabagaye, an interior designer, explains that letter designs are a fun way of paying homage to your family name. Giant letter symbols have been trendy for the past 10 years, and they still look awesome.
“To make your own, you can either purchase an oversized letter from a craft store or cut one out using a pattern, piece of hardboard and cover your letter with whatever creative medium you have on hand like fabric, buttons, shells, or paint,”Kabagaye says.

Empty picture frame door décor
Kabagaye says you can decorate your empty frames and place them on the front door. Empty frames can be embroidered with craft supplies you have around the house such as scrapbook paper, flowers, fabric flowers or even dried flowers.
“To do so, attach eye hooks on either side of the frame and run picture wire or beading wire between the eye hooks. Print out your square pictures and attach them to the wire using mini clothespins,”Kabagaye says.