Wednesday February 12 2014

Making a rented house feel like home

By Julius Eryenyu Jojo

For many, renting a home is simply living in someone’s house for a given period of time as you plan to build your own home, or looking out to rent/or move to different locations.
Living in someone’s house though does not give you the sense of ownership and the feeling being at home since it is not really your property.
Making it your own with a few touches will help you feel more settled and at home. Decorating a rental property can be difficult.
Due to the fact it is not your own property, you are limited in your abilities to truly create the home you envision. However, there are ways we can decorate rental places to make them a little more a homely.

Paint the walls
If your landlord allows, painting the walls is one way of making yourself comfortable. You decide on the colours you want and transform the spaces in the house.

Decorative lighting fixtures
With the help of an electrician, you could spice up your rented home with some “cool” lights, such as chandeliers and many more which will completely makeover the rooms.

You can liven up your interior with the furniture that suits your rented, place, instead of waiting until you build your own home. You could get the furniture of your choice and though the space may not be enough, at least you will get a few items that you have longed for.

Curtains and blinds
A rented home can be improved with fashionable floor length curtains, blinds supplemented with creative pelmets and curtain rods.

Pictures and art pieces
Framed pictures on the walls will always remind you of the memorable times in your life. Also the art work pieces on your wall express yourself to your friends.

Wall shelves
Hanging wall shelves is one way of combating shortage of storage space in a rental.
Not only do these shelves provide handy places to keep books, knick-knacks and more, if kept neat and tidy, they add some visual interest to an otherwise plain wall.

Flower boxes
We all know it is not easy, if not impossible, to get the landlords approval of digging big holes in the yard because you want to do some gardening.
However, there are so many planters on sale now, of different types and sizes which you can buy and improve the exterior of your rental home.
There are several ways one can improve and make a rented home more homey.
However, it is important to make every improvement simple and easy in case you move houses. Also, make sure you seek your landlord’s approval before touching up the house with your desired improvements.