Tuesday March 18 2014

Military Barracks zone: A small and secure zone

The KCCA offices located next to Military

The KCCA offices located next to Military Barracks. PHOTOS by Rachael Ajwang 

By Beatrice Nakibuuka

Like the name suggests, Military Barracks Zone is within the parameters of the Makindye Military Barracks. The area is opposite the Madirisa Zone in Makindye Division next to KCCA headquarters. The division has 245 zones of which Military Barracks Zone is part. The zone has 10 villages.

Military Zone got its name in the 1970s during Amin’s regime when a military barracks was built in the place. Maureen Nalubwama a resident says “I remember those days I was a little girl. The soldiers used to forcefully enter houses and take all our belongings, including mattresses. If you insisted on chasing after them, they would beat you up or even shoot you.”

But with time, things changed. Since the zone is located along the main road, a number of businesses have sprouted around it. There are medium size businesses. There are kiosks, grocery shops, hotels, restaurants and bars. The area also boasts of Jomo Construction Ltd, a company that supplies water pipes and fittings.

According to the the LC1 chairperson of the zone, Mr Shadat Shambe (a.k.a Babalu), the area has a population of 18,000 people but majority are teens and youth and 8,000 mobile military personnel guarding Kampala.

He says the zone only has one Universal Primary Education school, Military Barracks Primary School. “There are two non-governmental institutions, that is Makula Foundation for adult literacy and business training and Viannate institute,” says the LC 1 chairperson of the zone.

Garbage collection
As regards sanitation, “The funds collected from people when they want to get LC recommendation letters and identification is used for garbage collection.” He adds, “Apart from the few people who do not handle their rubbish well, Military zone has lesser heaps of garbage piled along the road as compared to the neighbors.”

Babalu also says his zone does fumigation every after three months, “We also have hand washing campaigns as well as youth campaigns on stopping idleness and drug abuse in this zone.”

Security and crime.
The area leader further says they have good security because they are near the barracks. “The military and the police work hand in hand to ensure good security hence an added advantage to the residents.

Apart from petty thefts, there has not been a big burglary problem in the past five years where thugs broke into a shop. There are also household disputes and conmen since there are many youths who are not employed.”

Water and electricity
There is piped water in the area. But not every one has it in their home. So fir such people, they buy a 20-litre jerrican at Shs200. Electricity supply has been constant although a few people have bought solar panels.
The zone is neighboured by Madirisa, Mubarack, Katwe, Lukuli and Buvuma zone.

If you are going to Military Zone, a taxi from the Old Taxi Park drops will charge you Shs1,500 but if you are in a hurry, a boda boda will charge you Shs3,000.

Drainage system
Since the place is located on the lower side of Makindye, there is always flooding when it rains because there are few sewer tunnels. The one that was dug by the soldiers at the barracks gets blocked when it rains so the water sometimes enters people’s houses and the barracks as well.

land and housing

Renting a single room in Military zone is Shs200,000 and a four-bed roomed house can go for Shs600,000 to Shs800,000.

Buying a plot of land depends on the situation of the seller. However, since Military is a small zone, it is very expensive to get a piece of land in the area. It is between Shs30 to Shs50m to get a 50x50 feet plot.