Thursday November 30 2017

Misindye growing into a plush residential area

Misindye is in a valley between Seeta and

Misindye is in a valley between Seeta and Mukono areas. Photos by Roland D. Nasasira 

By Roland D. Nasasira

It may not be a place that rings a bell to many people; but Misindye is one of the many the residential places one can resort to for a home. Misindye is a parish located in Goma Sub-county, Mukono District along the Seeta-Namugongo road. The are two routes to the place. You can either reach there through Jinja Road and turn off at Seeta Town or turn off Jinja Road at Shell Kireka and drive past Namugongo Martyrs Shrine. It is surrounded by Sonde, Lumuli and Kiwanga.

Misindye is approximately three kilometres from Seeta town and about 16 kilometres from Kampala city centre via the Northern Bypass.
Although the place is accessible by public means, you have to board two public commuter taxis.
Misindye is a convenient place for people going to Ntinda and Naalya and other nearby areas because it is easy and cheap to connect to via the Northern Bypass.

Why the place is developing
Unlike some places on the highway that develop into commercial centres, Jackie Nansamba, a resident, area says Misindye, despite being situated along the Seeta-Namugongo road is developing into a residential place.
“Most people who buy land here build residential houses and decent rental apartments. There are very few who buy land with the aim of setting up commercial or business blocks except those with retail shops,” Nansamba. Misindye main market makes most food items easily accessible and relatively cheap.

Cost of land
Nansamba says a 50x 100 feet plot of land costs between Shs12m and Shs20m and that this is dependent on whether it has a registered land title . A 100x100 feet plot of land costs between Shs20m and Shs50m depending on the distance from the main road and the nature of the land.
The larger part of Misindye still maintains its natural green vegetation because of constant rainfalls and this is visible with numerous types of green trees.

Affordable land and rent
Fred Kakeeto, a businessman dealing in timber in the area reasons that when the Seeta to Namugongo road was tarmacked, prices for many items such as land and rent went high
At Misindye, Kakeeto says renting a double or two-roomed house costs between Shs150,000 and Shs250,000. About five ago, before the main road was tarmacked when the same house size could not be rented above Shs170,000. The rental fares depend on whether the units are fenced or are in the open.

Security of the area
For any place to attract any kind of development, security is one of the things that must be boosted otherwise, it becomes a den of crime. Kakeeto says security mainly observed under the neighbourhood watch system where everyone is another’s keeper.

“When there is an unusual incident or an alarm, most of the residents have police contacts they call to come to their rescue. We got a chance that Misindye is positioned between Seeta and Sonde police stations that are all accessible,” Fred Kakeeto says, a resident in Misindye adding that the locals also sometimes hold security meetings to discuss how to tighten security of their area.

Julius Kwikiriza, a residen,t says in the night, most residents retire to their beds with their security lights on. These lights, he reasons, scare away thieves and robbers who might want to break into houses.