Wednesday April 30 2014

Patch up holes on your floor


By Juliet Kigongo

Do holes keep forming on your floor and make your house look ugly? You might at times feel like concealing them with a carpet. However, when you do this, the holes will still form. Therefore, all you need is to patch them up so that you can have an even levelled floor.

According to Jamilu Wassajja, a builder in Nabweru, you can patch up such a floor without the help of a builder. He, however, says before you try to fix the holes, you need to establish the cause of the holes.

He explains that one of the major causes of holes in the floor is the inconsistence in mixing building materials. “Some builders put little cement when mixing concrete for the floor. So with time, holes will start forming.”

Wassajja notes that most of the floors get cracks and in the end these turn into holes because of the fake cement that was used.
He adds that the holes might be because the room has a lot of activity. “Holes in the floor might be as a result of a lot of activity in a specific room which was not anticipated during construction.”

He therefore advises that whatever the cause, to patch up holes in the floor, you need materials like sand, water, cement, a spade, a hoe and a brick trowel.

1. Prepare material
Depending on the size of the hole, collect your material and put it in one place. This will enable you mix your material without having to run around.

2. Mix it
Pour the sand on the surface you are going to use for mixing. Pour cement on the sand and start mixing. In case the sand is wet, mix it three times because it is heavy and therefore takes long to mix with the cement. If it is dry, mix it only twice. Pour water in the mixture and mix it until it is ready. The more you mix these three elements the more consistent the mixture becomes and when it is ready, it will give a greenish colour.

3. Prepare the site
Put the ready mixture into a container and carry it to the site (the hole). Clean up all the dirt from the hole and pour water into it. This will a smooth base for the mixture.

4. Patch up the hole
After the water has sunk into the ground, pour your mixture into the hole and cover it up using a brick trowel to level it up. After it has dried, you will have a patched up floor. pe and check for any