Wednesday June 11 2014

Plan for a maid’s room when building

By Julius Eryenyu Jojo

Just as you plan for guests while building a house, you also need to do the same for maids by including their room on the house. This room comes in handy even if you do not have a maid.

Most people employ a maid to help with the domestic work, which includes, cooking, cleaning, babysitting, and caring for the elderly or even to provide company.
The need for a maid in some homes is what makes it necessary to include a maid’s room in the house.
Normally, this is a small room that is part of the main house where the maid sleeps.
It is normally located away from the family bedrooms, and always has easy access to the kitchen/ kitchen yard and some maids’ rooms are accessed through the kitchen.
This is to make it easy for the maid to be able to do their work without interfering with the rest of the family members.
Although the maid’s room is generally smaller, it should be generously sized to accommodate at least a twin size bed, space for wardrobe, a utility room with toilet, shower and hand wash basin.

Alternative uses
While the room may be built with the intention of housing a house maid, some factors/ or change in mind may change its intended purpose and could easily be turned into the following rooms;

Guest room
It can be perfectly turned into a guest bedroom since it’s located away from the main family bedrooms.

This room’s location makes it ideal for an office space, because it’s away from the main family rooms where the noise and domestic activities normally occur.

Bedroom for older child
The older child may occupy this room, since older children prefer to enjoy their privacy from the young ones and their parents. Therefore, it can act as a perfect hideaway for them.
Most people want maid’s rooms on their houses due to different reasons and they include the following.

A maid’s room acts as a motivating factor for attracting maids and getting them committed to their work because they know they are employed in a place which respects their privacy.

Since house maids come from environments that are different from where they work, she may not easily adapt to the new lifestyle.
Therefore, they would like to have a private place they can exercise their freedom without interference from the rest of the occupants.