Wednesday May 14 2014

Planting vegetables in containers

You can plant vegetables in containers if you do

You can plant vegetables in containers if you do not have enough space for a garden . File photo 


I am Boniface Ouma Owori, Retail Assistant Manager, Uchumi Supermarkets. I live in Namasuba. I am a Kenyan, but I can say I am a Ugandan, because I have been here for more than eight years.

For my container gardening, I use ordinary plastic containers, like buckets. I get old ones and use them to plant seeds.

I used to find vegetables very expensive since I had to buy them every day. So, I decided to utilise the sizeable space outside my home to plant something.

How I do it
Because it is a rented place, I could not set up a garden so I planted my vegetables in containers.

I got some plastic containers and planted spinach because my favourite vegetables.

I put loam sol into seven containers. I bought seedlings from a small farm near home for Shs5,000, I was given enough for all my containers.

I planted them and all I have to do is water, weed and spray them. I water the vegetables during the dry season.

I do it twice – early morning and in the evening. I do most of those things as part of my leisure activity. During the wet season, I don’t water. I also hand weed. I pluck whichever weed crops up.

I don’t drill holes into the containers and I plant only one to three stems that grow straight into each of them. I don’t use fertilisers or compost and I don’t mulch.

But I spray them. There are pesticides we get from Ben Kiwanuka Street. I don’t remember the exact name, but on the advice of the shop attendant there, he normally mixes something for me. I spray them about twice every three months.

There are black holes that tend to appear on spinach, when I walk with a sample of the leaf and show it to the shop attendants; they give me the right pesticides.

It is not that expensive, it is around Shs16,000 to Shs18,000, depending on the shop. It is in a 200ml bottle. I get half of it and mix and keep the rest for next time.

I don’t remember the last time I went to buy spinach from the market.

I get the vegetables from my container garden. I even help neighbours. When one is stuck, they come for a few leaves, because there is plenty.

So, don’t buy everything. Take the initiative – the same way you would plant your flowers, think of vegetables and it will work wonders.