Wednesday April 9 2014

Putting that empty room to use

A prayer room, a study area and an exercise room are some of the ideas

A prayer room, a study area and an exercise room are some of the ideas you can explore to utilise the empty rooms in your house. 

By Julius Eryenyu Jojo

Instead of leaving some of the rooms vacant, you can explore a number of ideas to ensure that they are utilised. There are times when you realise that you have extra space and are probably wondering how to utilise

This can happen for example when you build a three bedroom house, but the size of your family at that time can only use two bedrooms. The extra bedroom can be converted or used to serve other purposes.

Another example is a garage which could be used to serve other purposes in case the owner doesn’t plan to own a car in the near future.

There are other rooms within the house that will not be used for their purpose for some time. It is always a good idea to use them for other immediate purposes.

Planning for the future is one of the causes of extra vacant space in the house, for example a childless couple will build a four bedroom house, hoping that some rooms will belong to their children. Before the children come, other rooms can be used for other purposes.

Whatever reason there might be for that extra space in your house, you can turn it into something else by either expanding it or changing the furniture. Some of the ideas to use the extra space for are;

Prayer room
In this case, you need to buy a bench and some mats for the room.

Study room/ office
You need a bookshelf, a desk and a chair plus power sockets in case you need to use a computer.

TV room
You need to buy some comfortbale sofasets and a few tables.

Exercise area
You need to make this room spacous and well aereted. You also need a few exercise equipment like a trade mile, rope among others. Therefore, do not let dust pile up in that vacant room while you can use the above ideas to make it valuable.