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Rugs for the season

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The door rug  

By Jonathan Adengo

Posted  Tuesday, December 24   2013 at  16:40

In Summary

Use rugs this season to make your home merrier, especially if you have guests, as Jonathan Adengo writes.


A rug is one accessory that you can fit in any room and play around to suit your taste. They are largely chosen as decoration items. Rugs are largely selected as decoration. They come in a variety of colours that are woven nicely to suit any style of home décor and also your desired colour scheme this Christmas.

This Christmas they can be more than a decoration, you can use them to create more sitting space in the house and also keep the house clean as guests come and go. Rugs are perfect for every room but different rugs suit different spaces but whichever way you play with them, they will definitely make the room brighter. Here are the different types of rugs and how you can use them.

Wall hangings: These are rugs with decorative prints usually sewn or printed on them. While you will have to remove the Christmas decorations when the season ends, these can go with you into the new year. They can be put in any part of the house, from the children’s room to the sitting room and can be themed to suit the season.

Door rugs: These are made from tough long lasting fabric. They are placed by the door help to protect your floor and carpets from the dust and mud usually carried by shoes. They are also made from synthetic fibres. Depending on what the weather is like this season, choose the rug you put at the door with care. If it has rained and is therefore muddy, you may want to choose a light rug which will wash easy. If it is dusty, choose a rug that will not allow it rise in case of a strong wind. A heavy one works here.

Center piece: Have you put most of the furniture at the side of the room to make more space for the guests this Christmas season? You have probably put mats in the space so everyone will have a seat. If you are not so warm about the look of the mats when no one is sitting on them, centre rugs are a nice way to brighten the room. You can also place them around the coffee table area to make more sitting space for TV time.
They come in different colours and shapes. They are made from different materials such as wool and synthetic fibre.

It is easy to maintain them, use a hover to dust them at least every after two weeks. You can also take them to the dry cleaners. However don’t use a brush when washing them as it plucks out the threads.

Runners: These are laid in the corridors and are usually made from synthetic fibres. There are normally two types, the machine made and hand woven rugs. They can also be used as ready carpets.

Clean regularly using a vacuum cleaner or hang it somewhere and beat the dust out. In case of candle drips, place a paper over them and run a hot iron over it to melt the wax. You can also use shampoo or detergents in case of stains.

Prime mats: These are usually put by the bedside therefore they can come in handy this season if you have many mattresses but few beds. Just place the mattress on this mat by night, and by day, place the mattress at the side and let this mat make the room more lively.

They can be maintained by regularly cleaning them using a vacuum cleaner or a fine bristled brush.