Seek calm and comfort in your bedroom

Joseph Kato, the managing director Kawa Interiors, says the most powerful catalyst in creating any atmosphere in any space is colour.


BY Desire Mbabaali


  • When choosing bedding accessories, it would be nice if they give you calm and rest.
  • Overly bright colours will be not the best


After a long day, your bedroom should be that one place that gives you peace and rest. But how can one ensure that the environment and atmosphere are just suitable for that?
Joseph Kato, the managing director Kawa Interiors, says the most powerful catalyst in creating any atmosphere in any space is colour. That does not mean the paint colours in your bedroom and bathroom need to match, but they should complement one another. “Therefore, for a calm environment, the painting in one’s bedroom does not have to be bright. A light colour – in any shade, according to one’s taste or wallpaper is therefore ideal,” he says.

Colours to use
If you want more colour on your bedroom walls, let your passions be your guide. Green is one of the best colours for bedrooms, because it has elements of both warm and cool, and there is a wide range of tints from which to choose. With green, you can furnish your room in a modern, traditional or diverse style.
If red is your favourite colour, use it cautiously because too much of it can be overwhelming. Choose a muted tint, or try using red on just one wall, either behind your head stand or on a wall that has large windows to break up the intense colour. The tips for red also hold true for yellow. Softer shades will be more relaxing, and you do not want to go with too bright a shade in the bedroom.

Cool and soothing blues are a natural for the bedroom. There are plenty of muted and pale tones of blue that create a soft look for those who do not want a dark colour on their walls.
Even black can work in your master bedroom but be sure to balance it with white furnishing, and add colour with bright touches such as yellow or turquoise.

One of the other things that can add beauty to a bedroom is curtains. “These do not need be bright and should match with the scope of the entire house. Also, it would be good if curtain nets designs match with the mosquito net – for people,” Kato adds.

Have a centre piece for the bed. “This not only adds beauty, but also comes in handy in that you do not directly step on the cold floor,” says Kato
Choose your bed carefully. “Some have a small room, yet with a big bed. This will make the room feel stuffy, especially if there are other things in the bedroom. Ideally, a small bedroom, needs a relatively small bed, and the reverse,” he says.

One can play around with the lighting to create a calm ambiance. “A dim light from a lamp stand in the corner(s) of the room would for example create the right ambiance while a colourful lampshade tones down an already existing strong light,” Kato says.

To brighten your bedroom’s look, blend the old and the new pillows. “You can for example buy new pillows to blend with the old ones or add a new flower vase to that old table in your bedroom,”
Chrissy Ethel Namono, an interior designer at Conic Hedges, says.
One can, for example get pillow cases with colour patterns similar to the painting in the bedroom, curtains or carpet.
She also advises that placing your bedroom furniture strategically creates space while adding beauty. Consider for example the position of the door or entrance, balconies, and views.

“Ideally, your bed should look where there is a wider view or window, so you can wake up to the view. The other option is to place it where natural light can reach or in a position where you are able to view the outside,” she says.
She also adds that currently, most bedrooms have balconies, so furniture should be able to blend with the beauty that the balcony adds. “In case you have a reading table and chair, make these face the balcony,” Namono adds.

Do away with clutter
“The reason why some people have challenges keeping their bedroom spaces clutter free is because they do not keep their things according to sections. So, every time they need something, they have to disorganise other things to get to it,” Joseph Kato says. The solution to this is to make a display counter where one can have their suitcases, bags or things arranged in sections.
Create a sorting system for the clutter. Use the professional technique of the three box method. This forces you to sort items to avoid a big mess.
Box one is get rid of it – This is where you put all things you do not need or things to give out or get rid of.

Box two is storage and it is where you store things that you do not use often.
The third box is where you keep things you use from time to time. “Commit to getting rid of junk, and give yourself a timeline,” she advises.
If there is extra space in the house, use it to de-congest your bedroom and you will feel comfortable in it.

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