Wednesday June 4 2014

Seven plants for your garden

Shrubs are one of the plants you can have

Shrubs are one of the plants you can have either in your compound or garden because their flowers look attractive. Photo by Constance Obonyo 


Perhaps you’ve just built your house and the garden is staring at you. You feel overwhelmed and you don’t know where to start.

Do not despair. Hakim Babara, a gardening consultant and member of Mukwano Tree Planting Association, on Mukwano Road in Nsambya, offers a few pointers:
“If you don’t know where to start, these plants, together, can turn out a well balanced garden for you,” Barbara says.


A mini succulent looks like a donkey’s tail that is about to fall off. It is a beautiful plant.

The mother-in-law’s tongue, has yellow and green striped leaves and looks attractive, but it is also a snake repellent.

“You should also plant Bromeliads. They flower for long periods and are well designed. They come in maroon, green, red, green-and-white. Sisal and many types of cacti are also good for decoration and protection purposes,” he advises.


Roses are a must-have. You can either have the Single Hibiscus flowers or the Double Hibiscus, which has big flowers.
Bougainvilleas are also popular, because they flower all year round; and people like Orchids because they have beautiful flowers that last up to six months or even a year.

Herbs and spices

According to Babara, people use mints for cooking and in salads. They are also medicinal.
He says you can have Lemon Balm which is popular as a spice for tea.
You can also have thyme which is good for curing stomach ache, dysentery and malaria.
The other alternative is chives for salads and for curing stomach ache, dysentery and blood pressure and Oregano for improving blood circulation, curing colds, flu and bruises.


The Bi-Colours shrub is a must-have, because of the two colours on its leaves, which makes it look attractive.
The Mysenda has wine yellow and wine red coloured leaves; the Purple Princess flower has a nice purple colour; Layers have nice purple leaves.
They do not grow tall – up to seven feet. “All these shrubs look attractive,” he asserts.


Babara says the Ashoka Tree and the Suya are popular for their beautiful appearance. The Suya is also popular for providing hedges.
The Badam (Umbrella Tree) is popular for its shade-providing abilities, while the Tayebwa has beautiful pink flowers and is good for providing shade.

The Flambouyant Tree has nice red flowers and is good for providing shade as well.


Don’t forget the fruits, for your health! strawberries, mangoes, oranges, lemon, passion fruit, paw paw and avocado trees are popular.


A kitchen garden can be another good option. Popular vegetables are tomatoes, onions, cabbages, various types of greens and carrots.
While you don’t have to follow these suggestions to the letter, following the seven broad categories will ensure a well balanced garden.