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Types of plants trending this year

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Posted  Wednesday, April 9  2014 at  21:10

In Summary

If you are to buy plants for your garden, it is important that you know what is trending.


Just like clothes, plants also have a season. At one point, a specific type of plant is in demand but after a while, people will start demanding for another type.

According to Hakim Babara, a compound designer and gardening consultant with Mukwano Tree Planting Association, this year, people are buying plants that serve both functional and ornamental purposes.

“People are buying plants for fencing. Last year and this one, people are demanding for plants like the Dulanta, Bamboo, Ficus Benjamina, Cedars, Crotons and Hibiscus, among others.

They say they are buying them for fencing and decoration,” he says.

Ornamental purposes
Babara adds that others are buying plants like palms, various flowering plants, Giant Hibiscus, Gardenia, Hydrangeas and Colleus, among others for ornamental purposes.

Other people are buying plants for protection. Most popular among these are the Mosquito Geraniums, which are multi-purpose. They repel mosquitoes, flies, snakes and other insects.

Also among the popular species is the Pink Agapanthus (Tulbaghia Violacea), which is a snake repellent. Cacti are also popular for security purposes.
“People plant them around their fences, to deter wrong people,’ Babara emphasises.

The fourth category of current popular plants is fragrant ones. These include plants such as, the Queen of the Night or Night Rose and the Yesterday-Today-and-Tomorrows, among others.

Babara offers that in the past, medicinal plants, spices and salad plants like Thyme, Sage, Mints, Lemon Balm, orchids and Basil were on demand but these have been replaced because most people already have them in their homes.