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What is the best colour to paint a children’s room?

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Painting a child’s room is very good because it gives a child an imaginative and creative mind  

By Roland Nasasira

Posted  Wednesday, February 26   2014 at  02:00

Qn. I want to repaint my daughter’s room. Her room is currently white but it is too plain. However, I can’t decide on what colour to use. Someone told me that the colour of paint I choose will affect her mood. Is this true? Her favourite colour is purple and I thought I would use it if I really failed to make a decision. If it is true about the mood thing, how does purple affect the mood?


Ans. Painting a child’s room is very good because it gives a child an imaginative and creative mind which can be exciting to him or her on top of giving that very child a sense of being loved as they will always be looking forward to being in their room. Unlike other primary colours like red, which when painted in a room without mixing it with other colours to pull it down may affect the mood of the child either in a negative or positive way, purple has no effect on the mood of the child, especially for a girl.

Painting a child’s room with purple is not a bad idea because it’s a unisex colour, only that it should be painted in light hues in a child’s room to bring out the playfulness within a child. It can either be painted as one single colour or it can be combined with other colours like a soft pink shade, yellow shade, blue or even green, and red if it’s a boy’s room. Purple therefore is a good colour for children’s rooms depending on how it is combined with other colours or the intensity (brightness) with which it is painted.

Mariam Ndagire, Sadoline Paints

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