Wednesday March 23 2011

200 ladies for jobs in the Arab Emirates

By Edgar R. Batte

200 ladies in the age bracket of 16 to 25 years stand a chance to work in the United Arab Emirates on a two- year contract. The candidates who will be taken in shifts of 50 will work as Sales Executives in majorly ornamental businesses, that is, according to Patrick Kaganzi, Jag Security Group Ltd’s consultant- Labour export Unit.

Jag Security is the contact company that manages the process of calling for application. Last month 100 Ugandans got employment in the Gulf and UAE as guards and accountants.

“This time we are working with Liwa Trading Enterprises, a company that majors human resource in this part of he world. We advertised in the media and have got 170 applicants and are sitting exams today. From these we are going to get 100 candidates who will be taken on for jobs as sales executives in UAE and the gulf,” Kaganzi told Jobs and Career at a press briefing on Monday. He added that the contract between Jag and Liwa calls for supply of labour of up to 200 people who will be paid US$700 exclusive of transport, accommodation and medical care.
Feroz Mohammed, the human resource and personnel manager of Liwa Trading Enterprises said they were looking for young energetic Ugandans who will be working on a two-year contract basis. “We are looking for young people because if they work their two years and are still interested in working, they are able to renew their contracts and grow in the respective companies where they will be posted,” Feroz added.

Reacting to concerns of companies that have come around and cheated Ugandans in the name of getting jobs in greener pastures, Feroz said that Liwa is a registered company which has been in existence for well over half a century and online (

The batch of sales executives is of strictly ladies, which Feroz explained using the business and religious climate in UAE, that’s largely Islamic.

“The kind of businesses the sales executives will be working will be lingerie and cosmetics and ladies wear,” he added.