Friday July 27 2012

Lack of entrepreneurship skills responsible for high unemployment numbers - Ocici

Lack of entrepreneurship skills responsible for high  unemployment numbers  - Ocici

Mr Ocici lectures to beneficiaries of the Madhvani Foundation scholarship scheme as part preparation to face the world after school. Photo by Abdu Kiyaga.  


Enterprise Uganda Executive Director, Charles Ocici has said that poor entrepreneurship skills among the youths is the major cause of unemployment in the country

Speaking before alumnus of the Madhvani Foundation scholarship scheme over the weekend Mr Ocici said that the failure by many graduates to have practical skills and narrow perception by many of the real value of education was driving up unemployment numbers. He said many youth today perceive the theoretical formal education they get as and end in itself as a ticket to a comfortable white-collar jobs and they fail to acquire the right skills to tap into opportunities.

“Many youths always think that they go through education to get good jobs. No, it is only to broaden your career options not a job mechanism,” he said.

He said. Adding, “and the others have a one career mind-set. If they have studied journalism, they think that is all they can do yet they could be better at doing other things away from the media.”Ocici advised the youths to multitask as that will increase their value to employers.

Another challenge, he observed was a high level of dependency that many young people have gotten accustomed to and societal tolerance of the practice that keeps many young people reluctant to find jobs.

“I always see your colleagues on the streets protesting over the youth funds, yet they are entitled to it but the high levels of dependence and always thinking that we do not have enough is what has kept our countries back ward,” he told the youths.

The Madhvani Foundation alumni training was designed to help beneficiaries become self reliant and have option beyond just formal employment.