Friday February 26 2016

Ask your life insurance adviser

By Allan Lwanga

Dear Sir, Why are long term goals usually hard to achieve?
In life we all have one finite resource in exact equal measure, Time. Every one of us has exactly eighty six thousand four hundred seconds in a day, what varies is what we do with this time. The things we do with our time are governed by the desired outcomes of the goals we set before we do them.

The challenge however is we never set any goals, and if we do, many of them are unrealistic, very short term and in-turn, short lived. Many people live for today and are not clear about what it is they hope to achieve by the end of this month or year. Some members of parliament are distraught when they are unelected for another term claiming they had not yet achieved what they wanted, but they knew right from the start they had five whole years. Some employees do not know what their own company hopes to achieve in three years’ time.

When you set a clear realistic goal, say completing your house in five years’ time, all your actions will be governed by this goal. As such, every time your drinking in a bar, you will find yourself subconsciously counting the number of bags of cement you will be drinking in that bar.

The second challenge is we never insure our goals. We save money on accounts within our reach for consumption. Our goals are threatened by our everyday uncertainties, like retrenchment, early retirement, poor health, accidents or death. Many people die with their goals with no plan for their spouse, children or estate to execute them if one is no longer alive. With products like annuities, long term endowments, pensions, there is no excuse for people not being able to achieve their lifelong dreams.
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The writer is the Corporate Sales Manager for UAPLife Insurance.