Saturday September 16 2017

Be mindful of where you pick inspiration

By Tom Brian Angurini

If you watch local and international broadcast channels, the news drift usually focuses more on controversies rather than successes.
Such news form a narrative that creates a perception that the world is a worse place to live in yet there are so many success stories and good things happening out there.
Therefore, according to Felicite Haguma, an inspirational speaker, mindset coach and entrepreneur, one should always value where they pick information or news from if they are looking for inspiration.
“Bad news create fear and fear is false evidence that will appear real. This is an illusion. You should always ask yourself if what you watch gives you inspiration,” she says, adding that in whatever you do, make sure you get “inspired before you expire”.
Inspiration, according to Eugenia Criss, a psychologist who has worked with war victims in northern Uganda, is something that is drawn from somewhere and absorbed within somebody’s inner belief.
This, she says, makes it possible for one to reflect on the possibilities within their reach as well as exploring others that they can achieve.
“Listen to you inner voice and picture what you can achieve. Of course it might be something inspired by someone or something that you have thought through your mind,” she says.
The greatest works of our hands, she says, start with our minds before they are propelled into something tangible.
“You have to constantly delete negative thoughts in your mind, settle for the middle ground. There you will start on new accomplishments,” she says.
According to research conducted by NBC Television in 2013, at least more than 40 per cent of young people are inspired into something by an existing success.
This is mostly common in the music industry where majority of African-Americans join because they want to emulate someone who has succeeded.