Friday June 6 2014

Choosing a fulfilling job

By Isaiah Kitimbo

After school, Joseph’s next move was to urgently get hired. With his fresh skills, Joseph embarked on a job-hunt mission. Luckily he found one. But before he could take it up, anther better offer showed up. His dilemma was to select the best job.

Choosing a good job can be tricky for many jobseekers, especially when more than two different employers choose to hire you. That various hirers will simultaneously call you for interviews is neither surprising nor the notion that you will receive several calls for job offers.

The big question is about making a choice. Ordinarily, there will always be that ‘temptation’ to quickly settle for a job offer that contributes more monthly pay.

This is the moment when you need to critically think about your career plan because whatever decisions you make will certainly impact you and your immediate family. Therefore, it is important that you assess available options in terms of job security, remuneration, opportunities to grow in that position, independence and other benefits.

Some well-paying jobs are enticing but not permanent although this does not guarantee that the low-paying ones are secure either. You can thus sign that contract but ensure you align your targets to realise better results before the contract expires or is terminated.

On the other hand, some jobs may not attract a good remuneration package but are very secure with minimum supervision and space for career growth. Your career coach can guide you on the choice.

Also, there are jobs that require guiding and leading a team, especially top management level. These are ideal for jobseekers with a wealth of expertise and are about or wish to retire from active employment.

Whatever your choice, you should choose a job that is fulfilling based on your career plan.

The writer is a human resources expert and a journalist.