Friday August 22 2014

Dear Sir, does my life insurance policy also cover me for running in a marathon?

By Allan Lwanga

Running a marathon is most certainly a noble event that everyone ought to participate. However there are real risks involved, top of mind could be motor accidents, falls, pick pockets and like most recently witnessed in the Boston Marathon terrorist threats. But all these are usually mitigated by the event organisers.
The one risk that is often overlooked is the actual runner’s health status. Following months of absolutely no exercise, driving in cars, climbing in lifts and cholesterol filled diets consumed every evening; some people simply get off their desks and plunge straight into a ten kilometer run. This is like rolling a dice on your life with Heart attacks, strokes, heat exhaustion shock etc. as the probable outcomes.
Unfortunately some life insurance plans will have exclusions of extreme activities such as professional boxing, rally driving, scuba diving, game hunting etc. you will need to check with your insurer which sports may or may not be covered. In today’s contemporary world however, event organizers are able to purchase simple, very cheap term covers that last the duration of the event. Imagine buying a ticket for a marathon, football match or a Konshens’ concert that also covers your life while at the event.
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The writer is the corporate sales Manager for UAP Insurance.