Friday December 7 2012

God at the work place

By Jonathan Adengo

In the Ugandan work experience, it has been a known feature for some time that faith is largely tolerated with no major reports of believers in one faith or the other being abused. Believers at all levels of leadership and management, are joining hands to take the challenge of national transformation through their respective organisations under the Workplace Fellowship Network.

The Network is becoming visible in a number of organisations in corporate Uganda, holding annual retreats to pray, share experiences and plan for the following year. This year’s retreat was held on December 2 with the theme: “Workplace Transformation- Riding the Jubilee wave.”

“Forgive us our sins”
The seriousness of the network was demonstrated at a recent retreat when they hosted the Speaker of Parliament. Among other things, Ms Rebecca Kadaga also repented for the “sins” of Parliament. “I take full responsibility for what is happening and repent on behalf of Members of Parliament,” she told the meeting.

Some testimonies about transformation at the workplace through prayer came from Maj. Edith Asizua, the Financial Director of the Special Forces Command and Dr Christine Nabiryo, TASO Executive Director.

Examples of organisational transformation are usually cited as including Uganda Revenue Authority and the Ministry of Energy. A perceived national ownership of the oil industry especially after its dedication to God by the President during the country’s Independence celebrations recently is another point often raised.

“Taking a quick look at the events that emerged during and immediately after the recent Jubilee celebrations,” Faith Katana, the network’s chairperson notes, “there is no dispute that Uganda has special favour before God.”

Ms Katana further points to devine favour as the reason for events such as Stephen Kiprotich’s Olympic Gold medal and the President’s symbolic repenting for the country recently.