Friday June 13 2014

Google takes on poverty fight using technology


Global internet search engine, Google, early this week launched a “Google Business Group (GBG)” in Jinja that will see community-based business professionals and entrepreneurs share knowledge about web technologies for business success.
Launching the programme, Mr Elijah Kitaka, the company’s East Africa GBG representative, said youth, especially graduates, can quickly learn new skills and grab global opportunities through web technologies instead of job searching.

Like-minded people
“You should join the space like tech hub because young are likely to meet like minded people. Many people are trying to work on new ideas join them and you will learn quickly,” Mr Kitaka urged the youth dominated conference in Jinja.
Uganda has one of the highest unemployment rates in the East African region and some commentators view it as a source of instability if such youths are not employed. Indeed, a section of youth in Kampala recently matched to Gender ministry “asking for jobs”.

GBG works through regular meeting of members to share on topics of business interest including building a web presence, optimising website and advertising on the web and currently, GBG Jinja has 150 active members.

Increasing women’s input
Mr Bernard Lwigale, the Jinja GBG Chapter said: “GBG also has a Women’s a special programme which aims to increase women’s participation in the communities through empowering them with new technological skills necessary for them to succeed. In addition to growing physical shops, we will see more women launching mobile apps, volunteering and mentoring others in incredible ways that create disruptive value,”

However, the programme is only for town dwellers who can access internet and comfortably use computer, a situation, Mr Lwigale said will change through investment in Internet Infrastructure in Uganda.

Of recent, there have been more efforts by government to enhance ICT development in schools and government institutions and some Non-government organisations are utilising web based opportunities to advertise, mobilise masses among others.
For example, Uganda National Examinations Board, Uneb recently announced a migration from manual to online registration of candidates.
what is a gbg?

A Google Business Group (GBG) is a community of business professionals sharing knowledge about Google web technologies for business success.