Friday July 11 2014

Lecturer wants government to invest in research

Kwikiriza shows off the award she won from

Kwikiriza shows off the award she won from Korea recently. PHOTO BY EPHRAIM KASOZI 


A Makerere University lecturer, whose research was ranked as the best in Korea has asked government to invest in research in a move to build data for reference in the development process.
Ms Pamela Sheila Pamela, a junior lecturer at the School of Women and Gender Studies explained that lack of data on the various sectors has negatively affected the planning and development programmes in the country.
“During my research, I realised that many of the students are willing to carry out research to compare the local situation with the foreign one but due to lack of resources, many end up carrying research that benefits other countries and we are left without data,” she told Jobs and Career.
Ms Kwikiriza was addressing journalists at Makerere upon her return from Korea where she won a certificate of excellence at the Ewha Women’s University after her research for the award of masters’ degree emerged the best.
Her research on the ‘Impact of Trade Liberalisation on Child Labour in Uganda’s Commercial Agricultural Sector’ detailed the dangers associated with employing youngsters.
She described her research paper as primary data that is an added advantage for policy makers to understand the situation of child labour and gender issues in society with a view to develope strategies to empower women to eliminate child labour.
Dr Consolanta Kabonesa, the Makerere University School of Women and Gender Studies dean, described the award as a ‘pride and a score on the side of the institution in terms of academia’.
“In academia we do research to add value to development. Research is important because it can add value onto the upcoming policies. In fact, Kwikiriza only needs assistance to write a policy brief and to disseminate this research to policy makers to take informed decisions,” said Dr Kabonesa.

Kwikiriza at a glance
Former Student of St. Lawrence
Holds a Dip in Human Resource Management
Holds Bachelors’ Degree in Social Sciences
Retained as Assistant Lecturer at Mak
Masters’ degree in International Studies (majoring in Women and Development)