Friday January 24 2014

Make office conducive for all

By Isaiah Kitimbo

The workplace is becoming more liberal today. Many employees spend most of their time at the workplace. Therefore, they can create and make friends.
This renders it a second ‘home’ for the workforce.
Every day, workers are free to engage in other activities such as listening to music and watching videos on mobile phones and computers as well as share ideas, engage in casual debates, and entertain private visitors.
The practice, however, creates unnecessary noise in the office, which distracts workmates.
Below are some helpful tips for creating a favourable workplace:-

Control music. Although listening to music while working is a motivator for many, it can be a disabler for others unless you are aware of their tastes and preferences. Using headphones is recommended; it will allow your co-workers to concentrate. Headphones are available locally in various sizes at various prices.

Telephone conversations. Keep the conversation business.
For private conversations, walk away from the desk. This shows that you respect your colleagues and will allow you ample time to attend to private matters.
Casual debates. Some workers tend to speak loudly during casual debates as arguments heat up. But you can control noise by holding such debates either in hallways or during off-peak hours.

Visitors. It is courteous that both company and private visitors are attended to in an apt and swiftly manner.
It should be noted that allowing colleagues an opportunity to concentrate amid tight deadlines, helps to drive productivity.

The writer is a human resources expert and a journalist