Friday August 29 2014

Make those bold decisions

By Isaiah Kitimbo

Impressing other people has always been a big drive for many to strive for excellence in life. Right from the way you eat, talk, dress, which cars you drive, and the house you build. The motivation to belong to a ‘corporate’ class is costly, and as such has pushed many to ‘choke’ on bank loans in an attempt to convenience others that all is well.
Today, it is increasingly becoming common for many couples to borrow for a ‘colourful’ wedding. Some have become indebted in the long-run and their marriage life suffered because of the ‘I have to impress my friends’ mind-set. Ordinarily, exchanging vows, which forms the bigger and main component of a wedding, is not such an expensive investment.
The challenge is that emphasis is put on the reception and not marriage itself. Because not many ever bother to critically think about how to traverse the long journey in marriage, some couples have not lived to celebrate their first anniversary.
Likewise, many employees today are money-minded. This is evident in the varying responses whenever the salary question pops up in an interview.
Although it is not a job applicant’s responsibility to know how much the company earns, it is crucial that he or she states a reasonable bargain. Besides, many companies have a pay structure in place and the salary negotiations may not vary, especially for ordinary entry levels.
Therefore, it is important that you get hired and work your way to the top through the ranks where you can earn better. If you think this dream is not achievable, still it will not be a bad idea to wait, gain skills and employ them later either at another company or in your enterprise.
Irrespective of your position at work, the better things in life require making the right choices. Immature decisions hurt longer. Always think about tomorrow when making decisions.

The writer is a human resources expert and a journalist.