Precisely build a winning team at your work place

They say getting good players is easy, but getting them to play together is the hard part”

Friday September 5 2014

A Precise trainer (foreground) oversees a team

A Precise trainer (foreground) oversees a team building session involving Stanbic Bank employees recently. PHOTO BY JONATHAN ADENGO 

By Jonathan Adengo

They say getting good players is easy, but getting them to play together is the hard part”
This is one of the principles that most organisations wonder about. And as such, different companies have been able to grow by building winning teams within their systems.
But how can one arrive at a winning team?
Edward Opio, the team leader at Precise, says for organisations to have the right team they need to break barriers and build bridges among staff.
This can be achieved by getting to know your team players better.
And one way of doing that is by organising work retreats where staff get to mix and mingle and get to know each other outside the confines of their work tittle and office.
“Get a little more in to the lives of your team members,” he adds explaining that this can only be possible if you have successfully broken the office diplomacy barriers.
Precise is a local firm that deals in team-building and business development.
According to Opio, in every business, feedback is always very important and more so from the teams.
“At the end of the day, you have to assess what you have done, the tasks you completed, the ones you didn’t and why they were not completed,” he says.
All that information is very important in the team building process, he adds.
It is in the same spirit that Precise has taken staff from several companies through a fun-packed team building sessions. During the retreats, the groups are engaged in different tasks aimed at getting to know each other and also work through different tasks to produce results.
Under the team-building and business development strategy, Precise also seeks to introduce the groups to something new; cookery where they learnt how to prepare different foreign dishes such as Mexican dish.
However, this is not usually about the fun, as Opio explains that they were looking out for key team attributes learnt and reinforced during the activity, among which were task process management, inter-group collaboration, creativity and innovation and healthy competition.