Friday June 13 2014

Rooting for continuity

caption: ICT development is vital for business

caption: ICT development is vital for business in Uganda. FILE PHOTO 

By Isaiah Kitimbo

Mark was such a committed and innovative employee. He was described as ‘best fit’ when he was appointed sales manager of a city advertising firm. As an experienced sales manager, he quickly initiated products, which helped to drive the company revenue. Unfortunately, after two years of service, Mark decided to resign preferring to concentrate on a family business.

Today, many professionals quit regularly, especially when the drive is more about better pay. This trend, if not managed well, can affect a company’s operations. When a star performer quits, it takes a lot of effort to find a better replacement because this would require time and resources for advertising, interviewing, selecting and training. But a manager can think of better ways of tapping the best resources effectively for continuous company operations.

Seasoned managers with an eye for steady growth and success are always strategising for the best ways of promoting and retaining talent. Because they envisage company growth in terms of personal resumes, they cannot tolerate failure.

There is a difference between a manager who merely targets money and a manager who is concerned about money, company’s growth and success. The latter is ideal because he or she will think in terms of earning more when the company makes and saves more while the earlier one will be much interested in his or her monthly pay check.

It is thus important that a company devises a system of developing excellent talent through a clear succession plan to guard against skills gap during separation.

New employees are known for inventing work approaches some of which succeed while others fail and distort operations. This is worsened when a company experiences a high staff turnover rate. If there are no consistent worth methods, chances of plummeting company revenue will be higher.

The writer is a human resources expert and, journalist.