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The workplace :Spend on Christmas sparingly

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By Isaiah Kitimbo

Posted  Friday, December 20  2013 at  02:00

On Wednesday, Christians around the world will congregate in various places of worship to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.
According to the Bible, Jesus was born to Joseph and Mary in a manger. His birth reminds Christians of the saviour who would bridge sinful man to the holy God.

But celebrating Christmas does not necessarily mean that you should spend every penny. Remember other costs such as school fees, rent, upkeep, bills and transport have to be covered after the festive season.

Below are some helpful tips that will help you spend sparingly:
Budget. Budget as soon as you get some money, which can be through salary, sales, rent and offers. Let the budget dictate your expenses.

Travel early. Transport expenses will undoubtedly soar. Especially while travelling upcountry, you need to travel before December 24.

Essential vs luxury. When shopping, buy only indispensable items. If you have a family, it is likely that you know the most needed household items.
Make a list. Now that you know the needed items, list them down with their respective prices. The pricelist will serve as your compass.

Limit invitations. If you are cash-strapped, you can forego inviting guests at your home. Guests usually come with a lot of expectations, which can end up stressing you. Invite only those you can cater for.

Eat home. Sharing a meal with your family will limit extra expenses, especially if you will need to hangout later.
Entertainment. Find entertainment venues and settle for one which is within your means. Also, attending a concert at your local church is a good choice. Entrance to such concerts is usually free. Merry Christmas!
The writer is a human resources expert and a journalist