Saturday March 3 2018

Was it right to deny me a job because of pregnancy?

Solomon Muhiirwa

Solomon Muhiirwa 

By Solomon Muhiirwa

A few months ago I was invited for a job interview. However, I did not get the job for reasons best known to the panel. Later the Human Resources manager, who I had befriended, told me that I had not been hired because I had revealed that I was pregnant. Was the panel right to deny me a job because of my condition? Cynthia

The panel was wrong to deny you a job on the basis of pregnancy. Discrimination based on pregnancy contravenes our employment laws.
However as many areas of law, sometimes what the law demands is not what is practiced in the real world out there.
A few unique scenarios exist such as whether the job is very manual in nature and predisposing you would be life-threatening to your unborn child or your health.
Your next step would be to engage a legal expert to either issue a demand claim laying your facts and asking the company to settle with you or proceed with full litigation on the assumption that it will want to settle matters with you.
Unfortunately, chances are that you may not reach far because your claims cannot easily be substantiated.
Remember you also heard it from your Human Resources friend who most likely would decline to be your witness in case you opted to go to court.
You will end up spending more time on legal matters rather than job hunting, especially given the fact that the target of your claim is not likely to be your next employer.
You need to determine whether any further pursuit is really worth your time, money and effort or you abandon the dispute and search for another suitable job or a worthy opportunity.

Solomon Muhiirwa
Human Resource Consultant
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